February 21, 2013

As a business owner, achieving optimal branding is the ultimate consideration during promotional campaigns. Architecture such as trade show displays reflect upon a company’s future and its market strength and therefore such tools should be purchased carefully with full understanding of the long-term implications involved in the purchase. With that in mind, this post will focus on two factors that business owners must consider when purchasing their trade show displays.

1)      Full Ownership Costs

Business leaders must consider the total cost of their purchases instead of the initial investment price. Factors should as display shipping, storage and refurbishing costs must all be taken into consideration when reviewing the various market options. Oftentimes, companies with greater resources available to them will select modular solutions that can be taken apart easily, therefore offering reduced shipping costs while producing the optimal promotional effect at the event.

2)      At-Event Functionality

Trade show displays are more than just a promotional tool; they will act as the hub for all processes at industry events. This means that businesses reviewing the market options must ensure that the displays they select are not only built for scalable growth and additional accessories over time, but also built for full use by display hosts when they are presenting the company’s products and services. Businesses should consider using additions such as stages and podiums in order to maximize the functionality of their displays.

While it might be tempting to purchase the latest and most innovative display system offered within the marketplace. Companies should also take additional factors into consideration when creating their procurement strategy. A winning strategy involves taking a broad approach to this complex business decision.