With a world of choice in the marketplace and lots of organizations offering unique display solutions that, while cutting-edge, are also complex, decision-makers at tomorrow’s leading firms must take into consideration various factors before deciding upon the ideal trade show displays for their organization. With that thought in mind, let’s focus on the two most important factors in deciding which displays to choose.

1) Durability

While that spectacular new display might look great for the first event, what about the second or the third? Often, organizations must send their representatives to numerous industry events each year in order to take full advantage of the business’s promotional potential. That means durability has to be one of the most important display qualities.

There are currently a number of highly durable solutions available on the market that won’t overstretch the company’s marketing budget. The leading choice for many are roll up banner stands, which can last for years and also provide companies with the portability to go from event to event without losing visual impact.

2) Marketing Objectives

The company’s marketing objectives will play a large role in the type of trade show displays that they choose. If the goal of the company is to be seen as a leader of innovation within the industry, they’ll likely require a more cutting-edge solution that is creative and unique. Whereas newer organizations may simply want create the impressions of professionalism and understanding.

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