Within many organizations, especially those just entering into their industry, maintaining a keen focus on consolidating costs, it is important to note that affordability isn’t the only measure of a good trade show display. Companies must have a strong understanding of the various factors involved in searching for and locating the best trade show display for their business. Therefore, within this article, we’ll focus on two key tips that organizations can follow in order to find the ideal display for their unique promotional requirements.

1)      Total Cost of Ownership

Many company owners believe they’ve found the ideal display that will allow them to reduce costs in the long-term. But it’s important to review costs such as transportation as well as well as set up, dismantling and storage. While cutting edge displays might provide the best promotional appeal for that one off event, the cost of keeping the display in immaculate condition and ensuring that it is set up professionally at each event might make the total cost ownership for the display too prohibitive.

2)      Modularity

The modern organization requires a trade show display that can grow with the company. This means they must consider the modularity of a display in order to achieve scalability with their on-going promotions. Smaller display units are ideal in this regard as they can often be added to without affecting the overall aesthetic appeal of the equipment.

There are many factors that business people might not consider when selecting a trade show display. Make sure to contact industry insiders before making a potentially costly decision for the long term.