May 8, 2014

Trade show booth displays are a company’s mechanism for connecting with the audience at their business events. Without effective selection of their display products, companies run the risk of wasting their investment dollars in both the display and the money involved in attending the event. Therefore, it’s essential for organizations to understand how to select the ideal trade show booth display for their event objectives. In this blog, we’ll highlight two important questions to ask in this process.

1)      How Long Will the Product Last Given Our Schedule?

Durability is one of the key concerns for most companies in selecting their trade show products. Organizations must understand how a particular display material performs in both outdoor and indoor environments, in order to make their ideal selection. By analyzing the product’s durability alongside the organization’s current campaign schedule, firms can then work with their trade show displays specialists to find suitable, rugged systems.

2)      What are Our Storage Options?

While most companies only consider the impact the display will have on their events, it’s also important to consider the expense of keeping the display in the meantime. Some products have complex storage requirements that can minimize the overall return on investment for the buying company. Experts within the trade show field can help firms make the ideal choice for their unique long-term plans.

The trade show displays marketplace can be complex. But by finding the right answers, companies can quickly clear some of the mystery from the trade show booth display purchasing process and begin on the path to exceptional event returns.