September 9, 2015

Trade show booths must be designed with the goal of bringing the venue visitor to the representatives and encouraging engagement. This can be a challenging process for those with little experience in design. And so it’s important to get the input of a trade show booth design specialist who can then guide the project forward based on their understanding and experience within the industry. In this blog post, we’ll look at two of the leading questions to ask when designing trade show booths.

  1. Who is Our Target Audience?

When hosting a trade show booth at an event, there will be many opportunities to interact with trade show attendees. The most important aspect of the promotional process is choosing the most valuable target audience members. Once a company knows their target audience, they can then design their booth to appeal to that audience. For example, if the target is business owners, companies can use more solid facts and figures within their designs to engage results-focused individuals.

  1. What is the Future of Our Promotional Campaign?

Will the trade show booth be used within future campaigns? Or will this be a one-off event in which the company is only trying to attract a specific type of audience member? By answering these questions, companies can determine the style of their booth design. For example, it might be important to design the booth for multifunctional appeal if there are many venues to visit as part of an on-going promotional tour.

By understanding the trade show booth design process, and the concepts behind professional design work, companies can move forward in creating targeted, engaging trade show booths. To learn more, speak with our expert team directly!