January 16, 2014

Making that instant and lasting impression on trade show attendees is a challenging task for those business owners with little understanding on professional design techniques. That’s why many firms are now outsourcing the graphic design work to professionals who can define a brand vision with superior clarity and concision. But in order to select a graphic design specialist, a commitment to industry research is required. In this blog, we’ll look at two questions companies must ask when selecting a graphic design company for their trade show displays.

1)      How Durable Are the Design Materials Your Company Uses?

It’s important for those looking to harness their trade show displays across many industry events to ensure that the design materials are durable. If any element of the design is affected by rainwater or cold air, then they might not be suitable for outdoor events. Selecting a company by the durability of their designs is a great way to ensure lasting value for any graphic design investment.

2)      Will I Be Able to Make Changes In the Later Stages of the Design Work?

Company owners should have complete autonomy over the design process, especially during its final stages. This means that the design specialist selected for the work must be able to offer their clients the final approval of all work. Business owners should also be able to change their designs at the last-minute in the process in order to take into consideration any last-minute campaign changes.

Professional design work can make the difference between success and failure for company promoting their brands at trade shows. Ensure that you ask any chosen design firm the previously outlined questions in order achieve the ideal foundation for making for a good business decision.