Design is a fundamental element of enticing interest at industry events. Without well-designed, professional-looking displays, companies cannot achieve the level of brand recognition they require to become successful in the long term. For this reason, many business owners are connecting with top-level design professionals before industry events in order to ensure their company’s image is ideal for the occasion. Within this blog, we’ll look at two ideas for creating stylish, effective booth designs.

1)      Design Booths to Fit Event Objectives

Going into a trade show event, companies must always have an objective to achieve. Whether it’s getting 100 new leads for the business or selling a specific amount of product at the event, an objective will give a purpose to the company’s booth design. Engaging booth designs for lead generation for example might involve the use of product demonstration areas where company representatives can interact with visitors and qualify their interest in the company and their product.

2)      Simple is Effective for Graphics

Graphics placed on trade show booth designs should be simple and to the point. Oftentimes, companies spend too much effort spelling out each of the benefits of their products within their displays. This should be a job for the company sales team. Allow graphics to grab the attention with a simple-well worded statement that sums up the company ethos and the core benefit their service or product provides customers.

By following the preceding advice, companies, both large and small can significantly improve the impact their brand makes at the next industry event. The eye-catching design will capture the attention of a target audience when key concepts are followed.