As companies across North American ramp up their 2012 marketing campaigns, they’re now looking to supplement these campaigns with trade show events that help the organization to directly reach out to its client base across the country. But for many this is a new area of business with which they are unfamiliar. Understanding how to use tradeshow to the company’s advantage is essential to building a brand. Today we’ll look at two key ways to ensure promotional success using trade show displays.

1)      Provide An Incentive

When creating trade show displays it’s imperative that companies provide event attendees with a compelling reason to stop and communicate with their personnel. Without this compelling reason, attendees will likely move to other displays. That’s why visual communication must be inviting and informative. Ensure that all information about product or service benefits is highlighted on signs and event architecture. In addition, provide clientele with small mementos of the event such as pens and other items to help keep the organization in their mind even after the display has been taken down.

2)      Presentation is Everything

When organizing display architecture, companies must utilize professional graphic design specialists who can truly enhance the organization’s image in the eyes of the public. This is one area in which consolidating the marketing budget could end up costing the company in the longer term. Organizations must utilize graphics that evoke professionalism and instill confidence. Only then will they be able to begin selling their products and services to the customer.

For companies to succeed in their field they must capitalize on trade show attendance. Building the best display is the first step in the right direction.