While many companies are busy planning their event and organizing the various event schedules to ensure that representatives make the best use of their time, an opportunity might be passing them by. Proactive companies that connect with interested clients before events often have the best response in terms of attendance at their booths. With that in mind, in this blog, we’ll look at a couple of ways that companies can engage in pre-event marketing to boost the number of guests visiting their booth.

1) Plan with Social Media

Social media sites make networking with clients simple. Those companies that don’t have a group or a following on Twitter or Facebook may wish to organize and post news about upcoming events before they go to the trade show. This is the ideal way to deliver news to potential clients, in addition to offering a great mechanism for responding to client queries about the event itself.

2) Connect with other Industry Companies

While it might be counter-intuitive to some to include other companies at the trade show in the planning for the event, this can offer an advantage. For example, businesses within the same industry as one another could schedule a staged event conversation between two specialists about the industry, therefore mutually building interest in both companies while driving attendance to their trade show booth.

Planning is the key element to trade show success. Make sure all the pieces are in place before the event begins and you’ll see great rewards on the balance sheet once the event ends.