August 2, 2013

Making that lasting impression at trade show events begins with the design of trade show displays. Companies require designs that will help them to evoke a professional image while appealing to new customers during their trade shows. This means that they must connect with professional organizations that will help them to build high quality graphics that blend with their current branding. Within this blog, we’ll take a look at two key considerations companies must make before beginning the graphic design process for trade show booths.

1)      Research What the Competitor Offers

Researching the competition is instrumental to any successful promotional campaign. By standing out from competitors and offering a unique aesthetic appeal, companies can drive greater numbers of audience members to their booths. In selecting their design, companies must consider what’s missing in the industry and what their company offers. By analyzing these two details, they can then build graphic designs that harness the unique competitive advantage they hold.

2)      Utilize Key Statistics On Displays

As part of the planning of the graphic design for their trade show booths, companies must review available industry statistics to highlight the benefits of their product. One example would be a marketing company who offers mobile lead generation solutions. In their graphic design they could utilize statistics that highlight the revenue generation of mobile marketing campaigns. Audience members will read and remember facts more readily than other types of marketing copy. So these statistics could be important to improving audience response on event day.

Successful brand campaigns are built on the strength of their graphic design in their promotional campaigns. Ensure your firm’s graphics are on-message by utilized the two previously outlined points.