With all your products in place and your position at the trade show event already booked, it’s now time to focus on the design of your booth displays. The impact of your display design must be enough to ensure a great ROI on your trade show entry investment. So let’s look at two great design tips from our in-house specialists here at Best Displays:

1) Strong Lighting Puts the Spotlight on Your Booth

At trade show events across the country, many vendors are surprised to find that the light at the location is minimal and therefore their darkly-colored booth merely blends into the dim background. Lighting plays a key role at any event. And trade show representatives must consider implementing extra lighting effects around their booth in order to capture more attention. One key point to remember is not to go overboard when using lighting effects. Multi-colored lighting can often be seen as tacky or distasteful. So try to speak with an in-house design specialist first before planning the lighting design for your booth displays.

2) Graphics Must Grab the Attention and Guide Customer Action

You might have the most professionally created graphics at the event, but without instructing customers to take a specific action, this investment will likely be wasted. Graphics must include information on how the customer can benefit from working with your organization. For example, an online marketing company may include the question “How many leads is your company bringing in per day?” This invites interest from business people and invites them to speak with your company’s reps about possible future opportunities.

Booth design can make or break your trade show experience. Consult with professionals in the field before making any expensive decisions. You’ll see the ROI when you begin taking post-event calls from interested clientele.