April 10, 2013

The sheer cost of top level trade show displays makes it mission-critical to capitalize on that investment. That’s why many organizations are now looking for innovative additions that can enhance appeal of their prized displays. Within this blog, we’ll offer two display additions to improve the ROI of trade show displays.

1)      Lighting

Within the trade show environment, there may be hundreds of displays vying for the attention of attendees. With that in mind, it’s imperative to ensure that smaller businesses capture a fair share of that attention with optimal lighting. There are many unique lighting styles that can create the requisite appeal for a trade show display area. Whether the company is searching for spotlights for product areas or larger lights that highlight their entire display, local area trade show specialists will be able to offer the ideal solution.

2)      Smart Technology

There is one investment that is sure to pay dividends in the long-term for any business. That investment is smart technology. Widely available cell phone applications enable companies and customers to interact like never before. With the simple swipe of a phone, companies can gain access to a client’s contact information, presenting seamless lead generation opportunities. Companies should review their smart technology options to see which style of product suits their campaign objectives.

Adding real value to trade show displays takes creativity. Review the previous two options to ensure your company can maximize its investment in next-generation trade show architecture.