December 27, 2012

Achieving a positive return on an investment in trade show architecture involves understanding how best to utilize the product during the event. The planning and setting up stages of the trade show event can often be the deciding factor in that event’s success. So, with that in mind, we’ll focus on two factors that all companies must consider when setting up a trade show booth.

1)      Selecting Staffers

The staff at trade show events are the “face” of the company. They’re the people who are going to help the business to grow by capturing leads during the trade show. It’s therefore important to select employees who have an outgoing attitude and an in-depth understanding of the company’s product line. Companies that choose the right reps for their trade show booth will provide their business with the best foundation for event success.

1)      Pre-show Promotion

In order to achieve a strong turnout for the trade show event, companies must participate in pre-event promotional marketing. Many companies are competing in one area at trade show events, and those that market their trade show attendance effectively will gain the results they’re hoping for. One of the ideal methods for pre-event promotion is advertising in local trade magazines and online message boards. Invite guests to ask questions to reps in order to provide an avenue for building the customer-company relationship.

Success at trade show event takes resources and an exceptional amount of planning. Follow the preceding tips and give your business the best chance of meeting its pre-event objectives.