June 6, 2013

With all preparations completed and all reps trained and ready for the big day, companies may feel confident going into their summer trade show events. There are, however, several factors that some may not have considered that can affect attendance at outdoor tents this summer trade show season. And so with that in mind, we’ll discuss two of the leading factors that affect trade show attendance.

1) Weather

For some areas of North America, the weather is always going to be a key factor in the response to outdoor trade show events. While some event organizers might have special dispensation for weather-related issues, it’s important for companies to be proactive in case of problems relating to heat, wind, and rain during events. For example, company leaders should ensure that all reps are given access to waterproof clothing. And bottles of water should be widely available for both reps and potential visitors to display tents, in order to ensure the safety of all involved.

2) Promotional Activities

Companies that fail to promote their summer events may find that their potential clients choose more enticing activities. By offering promotional incentives to attend key business events, business leaders will achieve that elusive ROI on their trade show architecture. Possible incentives could include service discounts and free expert talks for those who choose to attend.

Forward-thinking is required for successful trade shows. By considering the previous two factors, organizations can stay ahead of potential issues and ensure that their efforts are not wasted due to unforeseen issues.