November 12, 2013

Companies must consider each element of their trade show displays before they set them up at their next event. Newer business owners may find that there are using some elements that are actively preventing the company from achieving its event marketing objectives. Within this blog, we’ll look at two common display additions to trade show displays that prevent full campaign success.

1)      Bright Colouring within Displays

Within professional event environments, the use of bright colouring is discouraged. That’s because most event-goers are searching for companies that appeal to professionals and those in the older age demographics. Bright colouring can distract event attendees from the company’s products. For those considering whether their displays are too bright or too off-putting, it’s imperative to speak with a graphic design specialist before the campaign roll out begins. Only those with experience in the industry will be able to tell companies whether their trade show displays are aligned with their marketing objectives.

2)      Pushy Company Reps

Company event reps should be chosen based on their understanding of the marketplace and their ability to communicate effectively. But firms should go to great lengths to ensure that reps chosen are able to understand when audience members are uncomfortable. Many tradeshow reps fall into the trap of solely focusing on company event objectives, which can be detrimental to the company’s reputation when attendees are harangued into listening to pitches by overly aggressive reps.

Choosing to attend that local tradeshow is a great first step in a company’s rise to industry prominence. Ensure that the firm retains its solid footing at the event by avoiding these two preceding common off-putting trade show elements.