May 6, 2013

With each business event that passes, it can often seem like there are more and more companies within the industry and therefore more and more competition to overcome. This means that organizations hoping to achieve success in driving trade show event attendees to their trade show displays must keep devising creative ideas in terms of their display design. Within this blog, we’ll highlight several ways in which companies can stand out and gain strong, positive responses to their promotional architecture.

1)      Offer Interactivity

Oftentimes, event attendees go to business events to be entertained. They don’t want that run-on-the-mill sales presentation from an industry veteran. They want something unique that rewards them for their attendance. Companies can integrate the latest technology within their display to offer interesting insights into their products and services. Through the simple use of an office tablet or touch-screen device, companies can entice attendees into not only visiting their displays, but staying at them for the majority of their event time.

2)      Provide a Unique Incentive

One of the great ways to make sure trade show displays stand out within a show environment is to provide attendees with a unique incentive. A neat trick that many marketers are employing is offering phone charging stations. Business people often cannot resist the opportunity to charge their battery in the middle of the working afternoon. It’s a conversation starter that offers the ideal networking opportunity.

Building connections at busy industry events can be a difficult task. But creativity brings results. Follow the two previously highlighted ideas to get a strong response, even when the competition is fierce.