The difficulty for many growing organizations is to create trade show displays that match their more well-known industry counterparts for both style and professionalism. But one of the great equalizers within the trade show field can be achieved by working with experts who understand the industry and who can help their Markham clients capitalize on event attendance with proven-successful trade show display design tips. Within this blog, we offer two specific tips from our in-house design team that will help companies achieve an outstanding response with their trade show displays.

1)      Capitalize upon Multimedia

There are many different methods for making that connection with a trade show audience. But multimedia presentations are often one of the best. The key is to motivate attendees to take interest in the multimedia presented at the booth. This means that companies should try to make the multimedia they use an interactive product such as a computer-based quiz or a Q&A style power point presentation. Getting the audience involved will drive interest in the organization both during and after the event.

2)      Set the Mood for the Event with Back Wall Displays

The main point of a display should be to convey a positive brand message to potential clients. Try to ensure that back walls are neutral colours that help highlight specific information about the company. Markham companies should use bright yet not overpowering colours in their display design in order to invite positive attention.

The key to a strong trade show event is professional design. Connect with local experts in your area to ensure that each element of your trade show architecture is built to sell the company and their products.