September 27, 2013

Banners are a strong form of responsive communication when attending business events such as trade shows. Companies utilize banners to deliver a concise message that will help their brand stand out from the industry. But many firms still struggle with which design elements to include on their banners. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two design tips that companies can capitalize upon when working with banner printing design services.

1)      Include Contact Information

Many companies believe a simple statement is enough to capture the attention with a banner. Sometimes it can be. But often trade show attendees are exceptionally busy. And in today’s mobile focused commercial environment, including contact details on banner is a great way to start the lead generation process. Attendees will be able to see the company’s banner from across the floor and then write the firm’s email address or phone number in their cell phones. By beginning the conversation with a banner, companies can capture attention from many unique sources.

2)      Strong Emotive Language Drives Action

The language on the banner is the sales tool rather than the banner itself. Companies must harness language that drives action. Utilizing urgency is essential in this approach. For example, a question used on a banner might be “How Many Potential Sales Opportunities is Your Company Missing Today?” By setting a time frame for the question, companies solidify the concept in the mind of the reader.

Banners are only as effective as their design allows. Professionalism in design is imperative in gaining that crucial ROI with banner printing services.