For companies looking to consolidate their event expenditure and yet retain a lasting appeal for their brand at the next trade show event, banner stands are often the requisite solution. Banner stands are a cost-effective display that can be placed around other event architecture in order to draw attention to a specific area of an advertising campaign. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two ways that savvy companies are capitalizing on investments in banner stands.

1) Utilizing Space

Banner stands are a smaller, portable display style. Therefore there is a limited amount of space available on the stand in order to capture the attention of event attendees. Companies must use this space carefully by inserting only absolutely necessary information that can grab the attention in as little as a second. Many companies utilize banner stands to highlight one feature of their product. Often the stand will simply feature a picture of the product and a short tagline. Simple and effective, this is a great way to ensure a return on investment in purchasing banner stands.

2) Use Colour Effectively

With a limited amount of space to utilize, colour plays a key role in banner stand design. Business owners must ensure that their banner stands don’t have too many contrasting colours in one area, as this makes the information more difficult to read. A good rule is to stick with only three main colours when designing banner stands. That way, branding messages don’t get lost in the haze.

Review the preceding tips to ensure that your banner stands are working to optimal effect. Cost-effective and highly engaging, the right banner stand style could help an organization build a successful promotional campaign with provide the ideal foundation for the future.