Companies often spend thousands of dollars building an effective marketing campaign for the latest products and services. But without investment in terms of their trade show architecture, this marketing investment will have little effect on the overall success of the campaign. Now, many companies are looking for ways in which to improve the design of their trade show display stands, in order to capitalize on their event attendance by bringing in qualified leads and driving attention toward the company’s brand. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two top design tips for professional-looking displays.

1) Focus on One Message

Audience members at events may only spend three seconds looking at a specific display area before deciding whether or not the company holds any value to them or not. That’s why an eye-catching, inviting display that encapsulates the company’s branding message is so important. Oftentimes, the most effective display designs don’t highlight the company name. The design could simply feature one phrase or rhetorical question to get the audience thinking. Once their brain is engaged, the focus on the company’s display architecture will become more direct.

2) Review the Design After Printing

Sometimes, the design chosen doesn’t always show up as well on a computer screen as it does on the display material. It’s important, therefore, to see the design style on printed display materials before approving it for use as part of the company display. This process is the ideal way to ensure that the company achieves a high-quality design for its event promotions.

Designing display stands can be a complex process. Make sure to put plenty of thought into the way in which the audience will react to the design, and speak to industry specialists before making any decisions.