July 8, 2013

Event flags are often used as a promotional tool by companies looking to improve brand recognition through outdoor marketing. But without the proper understanding of effective design elements, company leaders cannot make the right choice when utilizing event flags as part of their display architecture. So, within this blog, we’ll review two design tips to keep in mind when using flags to attract audience attention at events this summer.

1) One Strong Statement Can Carry Great Weight with Audiences

Oftentimes, companies can spend too much time building complex designs for their event flags and tradeshow material. This detracts from the overall preparedness of the company for the event and can even limit the benefits of the design itself. That’s because simplicity is the key to strong design. Companies will reach more clients with one strong statement on their outdoor flags. This means that one declarative sentence or a simple brand logo can be effective in drawing a crowd.

2) Place Event Flags on Both Sides of the Event Architecture

Companies should use their event flags to frame their display area. By utilizing one flag on either side of their display, they will be able to achieve great visibility from all angles at the event. This ensures that those who spend the majority of their one team in one area of an outdoor event don’t miss out on the potential benefits offered by the client’s brand.

Success with any type of outdoor marketing begins with considering the audience’s needs. Utilize simplicity in flag design and ensure flags are easily visible to ensure summer brand promotions exceed in-house expectations.