July 24, 2013

The use of banner stands is now exceptionally common in trade shows across North America. But few companies are truly capitalizing on the advantages these systems provide. That’s because, even though they’ve invested in the right product, the design of their banner stands is still lacking in quality and precision. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two key stand design tips that will help firms to enhance audience engagement.

1)      Keep all Important Information in a High Position

With only a limited time to see all the trade show displays at the event, audience members will not want to take the time to review a large amount of information in one display. This means that businesses should immediately present the most pertinent information at the top of their banner stands in order to capture the audience’s attention and quickly improve their understanding of the company and its products.

2)      Design Coordination and Planning is Imperative

In the weeks and months preceding an important business event, time should be taken to ensure that the design is optimized for audience engagement. Speaking with design professionals in the local area is an important part of this process. Another important part of the process is sending surveys to potential customers in order to gauge their responsiveness to particular products and services. Only by involving specialists and key stakeholders in the process are firms able to build a design that meets all requirements for success.

Banner stands remain a key product for promoting products and services. But following the best-practices of display design is the only way for firms to truly achieve ROI on their banner stand purchase. Review the preceding tips for ensure your company is on the right track with its banner stand applications.