June 12, 2013

Display stands are an effective form of visual promotion for companies attending trade shows across the US and Canada. But only by understanding specific design elements can business owners truly gain a return on their architecture investment. With that in mind, in this blog post we’ll focus on two design tips designed to capture the attention of a group of professionals at industry events.

1)      Creating an Open Space Enables Audience Comfort

To ensure strong attendance to their tradeshow stands, companies must design their display areas to be open and inviting. The space must be an area in which audience members do not feel trapped. There should be a lot of room and soft colours to help give audience members peace of mind. This means that objects such as tables, chairs and screens should positioned optimally to ensure that they’re not blocking ease of entrance and exit for the audience member.

2)      Remove Excess Elements

For growing companies, a display design that is too complicated may detract from the audience’s focus. Companies must always ensure that their audience’s focus is on their products and services. Audience members should know, within the first two seconds of looking at a display, what the company is promoting. If this isn’t obvious they will turn their attention and their money elsewhere.

The key to making a strong connection with audience members at trade shows is to make it easy for them to interact with your brand. Simple promotional designs and open-concept displays can help forge a foundation for a strong business relationship.