Trade show displays must enhance the branding appeal of the organization if they are to have an effective promotional role. For that reason, it’s important that those business owners who might be new to the trade show industry first speak with professional designers before making their final decision about the aesthetics of their show architecture. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips from our in-house design team on how to capture the much-prized attention of the high-value trade show attendee.

1) Keep Main Content at Eye Level

Trade show attendees don’t want to have to go to extra effort to read a company’s promotional material. If companies make potential clients strain and stretch to access their brand message, they’ll likely lose out on a potential customer in the future. Keep all content where it’s easily visible to passers-by. It’s also important to consider objects in the area. So before the event begins, ensure that a team member walks around the area to confirm that all promotional material is easily visible.

2) Create a Unified Branding Image by Only Using Three Colours

Promotional appeal means creating the requisite impression on consumers and by making use of three distinct colors for trade show architecture, companies can present a clear message to their clientele that their organization is exceptionally professional. Speak directly with color-matching specialists before the trade show to ensure the motif is designed for the most appealing of aesthetic styles.

Trade show displays must be designed professionally to ensure companies receive a high ROI for their investment in attending the event. But companies that ensure branding is kept straightforward and to the point will maximize their chances of long-term success with continued events.