October 17, 2013

The aesthetic appeal of a trade show display can be the defining factor in whether a company achieves a successful business event. But few organizations truly have a grasp on the fundamentals of professional trade show display design. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two critical factors that companies must consider when designing their trade show displays.

1)      The Three Second Rule

Does the display communicate its message within three seconds of the audience member looking at it? Studies show that if our attention is not captured within three seconds, our mind will focus elsewhere in order to achieve stimulation. This means that firms must test out several trade show display design alternatives to find a concept that holds the attention. In order to test the various concepts that their designer has created, firms should invite employees to review the display options. Placing the three displays on a board in a sales office should be enough to discern which concept is most popular.

2)      Branding

Firms often focus on making that elusive strong first-impression on event attendees when designing displays. But continuity of branding is often a more important factor. Companies must ensure that their trade show displays are designed to match their current product branding. This will help the firm to evoke a more professional appeal during the event. And will ensure instant recognition for their solutions when they enter the commercial marketplace.

Take the time to consider all angles in the design of a trade show display. Companies that take this proactive approach will be able to hold the attention of audience members and build a professional brand when they attend their future industry events.