April 8, 2013

For those companies with limited budgets for marketing, it’s imperative to devise creative strategies that will help improve the organization’s branding appeal without over-spending on ineffective tools. Those that have spent a significant amount of capital on banner stands can ill-afford further expenditure on costly promotional items such as television screens or celebrity guests. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two cost-effective ways to drive traffic towards trade show display areas.

1)      Hire Celebrity Impersonators to Take Photos at Banner Stands

Oftentimes a celebrity impersonator can be just as effective as the celebrity themselves in improving a company’s branding appeal. Companies may wish to consider having an impersonator at their trade show displays to greet guests and take pictures. This acts as the ideal opportunity for lead generation, as display hosts can ask for contact information from those posing for pictures in order to ensure that a framed picture is sent to the attendee. It’s a marketing ploy that has proven immensely effective for many growing companies across North America.

2)      Conducting Games

Most business events will be formal occasions with very little in the way of entertainment. Growing companies can take advantage of this opportunity by hosting games at their trade show displays. Whether it’s a simple trivia-style game or a game of problem-solving, the key is to get the guest’s attention and keep them entertained while they’re surrounded by the organization’s branding.

Effective marketing doesn’t have to be costly. Some of the best campaign results have been achieved through the optimal approach to building low cost marketing ideas. With innovation and commitment, companies can succeed with the tradeshow marketing on a shoestring budget.