May 14, 2013

It might seem like an easy job. The company has a great product. Now the sales reps simply have to attend the event and tell attendees about the advantages of their product. But oftentimes, trade show marketing is not that simple. There are many unique elements of event promotions that owners of growing companies fail to consider. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two of the most common mistakes that companies make when using display stands at trade show events.

1)      Not Setting Lead Generation Objectives

Sales professionals always work to meet objectives, whether those objectives are personal or company set. When an organization owner doesn’t give trade show reps an objective for the types and amount of leads they’re required to gather, problems can occur. Sometimes a rep might discover a client they get on well with at the event and spend too much time talking to them. Other times, the rep might not focus on getting the required information for qualified leads. Managers must set their reps targets in order to achieve a great ROI on their investment in display stands.

2)      Errors in Promotional Literature

A simple spelling error can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost business. Company owners must have each piece of promotional literature proofread by a professional editor before it goes to print. With so much time and money resting on the result of the trade show appearance, such simple mistakes must be eradicated.

Learning after each event is a key element in long-term trade show promotion success. But there are processes that companies can be doing proactively to eliminate future mistakes. Review the two common mistakes outlined in this article to avoid committing them in your company’s future campaigns.