June 11, 2014

The planning element of the run up to a trade show event is all important. Every step in the planning process plays a crucial role to securing exceptional returns from the event. The ordering of trade show booths is one of the leading elements for companies to consider as they move towards event day. Oftentimes, business leaders have so many different projects on their plate that they make simple mistakes in their ordering process. Here, we’ll outline two of the most common mistakes business leaders make when ordering trade show booths.

1)      They Don’t Consider Set-Up Time

The more complex a trade show booth, the more time it will take for a team to put the display together. For those displays that feature lighting systems and various design configurations, the set-up process can take as much as 2-hours. Company leaders should take this time into consideration and order their displays to be delivered days before the event to ensure optimal set-up time.

2)      They Don’t Discuss the Display Product with Their Event Staff

A leading challenge faced by trade show event staff is unfamiliarity with the display system the company is using. If the staff isn’t familiar with the functionality of the display, they may not be able to utilize the product to its full potential at the event. This also leaves companies vulnerable, should they encounter an issue with the display as the event is on-going.

By bringing in all team members for the display ordering process, companies can ensure that all stakeholders are ready to ensure return on investment at the event. Toronto companies can build powerful trade show presences with a foundation of team support.