December 31, 2013

Pop up display products are considered to be one of the flexible marketing solutions for building brand awareness at corporate events. But few firms are truly capitalizing on the benefits that these tools can bring to their company’s marketing campaigns. Often, pop up displays are simply placed close to the main display area to add information for audiences to review. With the power to transform campaigns, pop up displays can be tremendously effective when utilized in the right way. Here are two common mistakes made by companies in designing their pop up displays.

1)      Putting Pop Up Displays Directly in Front of Trade Show Architecture

Companies must capitalize on their trade show space if they are to achieve ROI for their investment in the latest displays. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is placing their pop up displays directly in front of the area in which their reps are sitting. Many companies believe this can help direct attention towards pop up display products. But it often just blocks access to the display area and annoys event attendees

2)      Using Small Fonts in Design

While pop up displays are designed to be viewed close-up, many companies still using fonts that are too small in their pop up advertising. That’s because the designs created often look great on a computer screen or a print out. But when placed on the board, fonts can be overshadowed by the size of the display area. Companies should work with design professionals that can offer actual-size print outs of their display before going to the final proofing stages.

Success at trade show events depends upon the effective use of tools such as pop up displays. This means firms that purchase this high value items must be careful to review the mistakes others have made in the past.


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