February 27, 2014

Growing firms must navigate the complexities of the promotional marketplace while their brand garners industry attention. But it’s imperative for those who are new to the industry to learn from those organizations that have come before them. And this means that company owners just beginning their promotional campaigns may wish to review common mistakes that their predecessors have made. Within this blog, we’ll review two common mistakes made when creating custom trade show displays.

1)      Not Using the Name of the Organization

The entire purpose of a branding campaign is to ensure that the company’s image and name is recognized by those at industry events. Business owners would be remiss not to take the opportunity to harness every element at their disposal to highlight the company’s name. Growing firms must ensure that trade show audiences are conscious of their brand image, and custom trade show displays must highlight the image the owner wishes to present.

2)      Straying Away from Current Branding

For those with products on the marketplace, it’s imperative to ensure that custom trade show displays are created to match their current branding. Newer companies can achieve a professional image by creating a seamless appeal across their entire product line and promotional campaign designs. Audiences will then come to associate the organization with that specific brand imagery, making the business more memorable, over time.

Mistakes will always be made by those who are just entering the trade show marketplace. But by closely reviewing the mistakes made in the past, business owners can start their campaigns off with a clear path for success already marked out.