November 20, 2013

An understanding of event marketing is crucial for high level returns when attending trade shows across the country. Even more important is the trade show booth displays companies utilize as part of their promotional campaigns. As the battle for event attention becomes ever-more competitive, growing companies face newer and more difficult challenges. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two of those challenges and analyze ways in which they can be overcome.

1)      Larger and More Resource-Rich Companies

Every organization has been a start-up firm at one-point or another. But within the trade show area, the sheer scale of a company can become obvious to attendees. Smaller firms can make up the difference by becoming more creative with their use of in-house resources. They might also rent trade show booth displays, instead of investing the full purchase price in a product that might offer limited returns on the big day.

2)      Setting Aside Time for Planning

Planning ahead of time can make all the difference in terms of event success. This means that areas such as event staff training and booth set-up should be considered and decided-upon well before the event is due to take place. Companies can set aside time for planning, even during their busy campaigns. The key is to assign specific roles to in-house managers, and ensure that all staff knows their role in the build-up to the event. By communicating expected results with all event staff ahead of time, companies can create effective event strategies that ensure seamless success during the event.

It’s a difficult arena for smaller firms to thrive within. But trade shows are now a crucial element of marketing campaign success. Review your firm’s current resources to analyze which areas can be capitalized upon during the company’s upcoming event appearance. Sometimes that seemingly insurmountable challenge can be overcome with proactivity and creative thinking.