February 12, 2013

The new generation of company leaders is social media savvy. For older business leaders this can put their companies at a disadvantage when building up to an important business event where they will be hosting trade show booths. Without making this crucial business tool a key part of their event planning armoury, companies will fall behind their more proactive competitors. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two of the advantages of integrating a strong social media campaign when organizing business events.

1)      Connecting with Potential Customers in an Interactive Environment

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter allow companies to interact with potentially clientele before the event begins. Instead of simply creating emailed invitations to clients, companies can post updates to their social media hubs and drive attention upcoming products that will be focused on during the event at their trade show booths. Potential customers can then post comments and communicate to reps on a peer-to-peer level, building trust and driving business opportunity.

2)      Gaining an Understanding on Core Market Concerns

The social media environment is one in which customers feel comfortable expressing their opinion on products and services provided by industry companies. By analyzing comments and becoming involved in the conversation, companies can organize their event offerings to answer the core concerns of their key demographic. This will provide them with a superb platform for a successful lead-building event.

Getting up-to-speed on the latest online trends is a great way for companies to drive success in the long-term. Following the preceding tips to ensure your company’s event performance is optimized using practical social media tools.