With many companies consolidating their marketing expenses there is now an emphasis on securing trade show architecture items that are cost-effective yet still provide superb promotional benefits for the organization. That’s what’s leading the surge of organizations purchasing pop-up displays, a proven effective display solution that offers durability and superior aesthetics. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two further specific advantages of using pop-up displays.

1) Flexibility and Portability

For companies that are in the process of building up their brand name, it’s important to attend as many events as possible and connect with trade show audiences across many different key markets. With that in mind, companies must have access to trade show architecture solutions that are highly streamlined and portable. Pop-up displays are ideal because they feature smaller frames and limited pieces. They are able to be easily transported in a small vehicle as well, which means that companies don’t have to outsource their storage and transportation needs.

2) Durability

If you’re planning on attending many industry events, it’s no good having a great product for one event and then having it lose its appeal for the next. That’s why popup displays are great for the traveling organization because they retain their aesthetic appeal for years after purchase, often without any maintenance being required.  When built and designed by professional companies such as Best Displays, pop-up displays can be counted upon again and again for resilient trade show appeal.

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