Companies spend a long time deciding upon the ideal display architecture to utilizing at trade show events. There are many unique factors to consider, including cost and durability and therefore those that are just entering into the trade show field must connect with specialists who have the experience within the industry to understand unique requirements with precision. Many business owners are now choosing retractable banner stands to form a key element of their trade show set up. Within this blog, we’ll look at two reasons behind the popularity and increase in use of the retractable banner stand.

1. Versatility
Oftentimes, trade show exhibitors will only have a limited amount of space in order to build their displays and place their display architecture. One of the reasons that many businesses utilizing a retractable banner in this sort of environment is that they can simply unroll the banner to fit within a tight space, providing a superior promotional tool without requiring a base and a space on either side.

2.Ease and Speed of Construction
Trade show representatives must capitalize on the time they get to spend with those visiting their display. That means that they must cut down on the amount of time they spend on display construction and installation. Retractable banner stand solutions are ideal in this regard because representatives simply need to unroll the product and place it in its stand. It’s a simple 5-minute process that leaves plenty of time for lead generation.

Trade show architecture doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact. Contact a local area trade show display expert today to learn how retractable banner stands can form a key part of your display architecture.