October 9, 2013

Trade show events act as a company’s brand show piece. It’s the marketing team’s opportunity to show both customers and future customers that the firm is on the cutting-edge of their field. But oftentimes, firms become limited in their approach by their need to follow rigid ideas on trade show booth design. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two custom booth display additions that will add true value to a firm’s campaigns in the long-term.

1)      Integrate Mobile Technology

By utilizing mobile systems within their custom booth display areas, companies can provide true value to their booth visitors. For example, firms could invite visitors to take a picture using a tablet or mobile phone at the within their display then Tweet the picture on their Twitter stream. Visitors could be motivated to participate by being given a special discount on the company’s products. It’s a marketing idea that will help improve the firm’s social media standing and increase brand recognition both at the event and long afterward.

2)      Add Spotlights to Enhance Visual Appeal

Spotlights are the requisite solution for companies at smaller industry events. These solutions can drive attention towards a booth exceptionally quickly. But must only be used in areas where they don’t annoy those at the event. Smaller venues are more likely to allow spotlights to be placed close to the display area and so growing organizations should consider this lighting option when designing their architecture.

Responsive, cost-effective displays require proactive forethought. Those building such displays must consider additions that will not only add value during the event but also well into the future.