June 26, 2013

Pop-up displays are a common sight at industry events across the country. These affordable, flexible solutions are seamlessly added to any existing display and this functional flexibility means that they’ve become a popular item for all types of marketing campaigns. For those companies struggling to find new ways to utilize pop-up displays, architecture additions might be required. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two additions that can help pop-up displays shine at the next big industry event.

1) Attach a Podium Area for Guest Speakers

Podiums can enhance pop-up displays by providing speakers with a platform through which to draw attention to the company’s architecture. Podium products are ideal for events in which a guest speaker has been hired for the day or for events in which the podium will act as a special exhibit tool to showcase a new innovation. This simple addition could improve the visibility of pop-up displays immeasurably.

2) Tension Fabric Additions Build Interest

Tension fabric displays can make a great addition to the traditional pop-up display area at trade show events. These unique products enliven trade show spaces with unique colors and designs that can only be truly achieved by using a fabric display. These innovative displays are one of the latest trends to empower highly responsive tradeshow marketing campaigns.

Pop-up displays are still one of the most affordable and flexible display solutions on the market. Making a few simple additions to this traditional style of display could ensure your company is the hit of the summer on this season’s industry tradeshow circuit.