Graphic Design in itself can seem a bit daunting to the inexperienced ; putting together designs and pictures for a Trade Show booth or display can be hard and challenging if you are not too sure about where to start or who to work with. At Best Displays, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the ultimate designs but let’s face it, it is important that you know the process that we go through to get a finished product to ensure that you are even more satisfied with our work.

To be familiar with the work of your suppliers is crucial; whether working with in-house designers or external designers, having faith in them is the key to success. While you most likely want to see samples of previous work, you also want to have a clear discussion about the tiniest details. The ‘dots per inch’ is an important feature of any design. Trade Show booths and displays are often very large and dominant, so having clear images will make a world of a difference. A good image for a Trade Show Design would be of 100dpi at the minimum, 300 dpi being the best quality you could get.

Color fidelity is another key element in Graphic Design. You will most likely need to choose between PMS and CMYK colors as well as monitor a certain consistency in the hue of your logos and graphics. Once you know which color scale to use, picking out the right finish is essential. Printing on glossy or matte material can change the appearance of your colors; providing a sample of the material to your graphic designer beforehand can help avoid those kinds of situations.

With this information in hand, creating your next Trade Show booth’s graphics and images should be a bit easier!

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