November 28th– If you are just starting to consider promoting your business at trade show events, it might be the ideal time to plan ahead. Starting on plans for trade show booths now can ensure you gain the competitive edge on Canada-wide competitors. To help guide you in the planning process, we’re highlighting how to plan your trade show campaigns for long-term success.

Build your team

Make sure you have the staff ready to host the event. Pick those who understand the products and the objectives for the event, and make sure that your team has rehearsed their communication with trade show visitors.

Create a list of target buyers

Which customers are of the most value to the company and why? Make sure booth staff understand the answers to these questions and ensure that you have refined your approach in targeting these buyers at your event.

Consider lead generation

How will you be gathering information at the event? Will you be using an email sign in at the booth or simply a sign in sheet that asks the attendee for their information? Ensure you have an incentive that captures the imagination and drives action.

Review setup and takedown options

Does your trade show booth require specific setup instructions? Ask the manufacturer about the setup and takedown process and ensure your team has all the information they need to streamline these processes.

Our team at Best Displays & Graphics is here to help guide you in planning your trade show campaigns for the coming months. To learn more on our services, call us today.