If you’re in the process of organizing your company’s first trade show attendance it can often be difficult to keep track of all of the duties that you need to attend to in making the trade show a success and achieving an excellent ROI. With that in mind, let’s focus on some of the leading trade show booth displays tips for taking advantage of your company’s first trade show.

1) Go for a Small Space at the Beginning

For your company’s very first industry event, it’s important to use this opportunity to gauge the organization’s future needs. Therefore the space you rent for your company’s trade show booth displays should be on the smaller side of spectrum in order to consolidate overall cost.  By beginning with a smaller space you can use this area at the event to see what other companies are doing with their displays and get an idea as to which trends are becoming popular within the local industry.

2) Plan for a Settled Branding Image

While your company’s first trade show event may only be an introduction to the industry and to trade shows within the field, it’s imperative that the branding material you bring to the event is consistent and professional. At the event you’ll likely be speaking with many potential future clients, therefore all display material must be designed with your company’s branding image and future marketing campaigns in mind.

Try to avoid worrying about the smaller details before your company’s first big event. Make sure all the basics are covered and focus on developing business relationships with attendees.