Thursday, December 21st – Attracting visitors to your trade show display is the foremost priority. By continually bringing in qualified visitors, you can ensure that your company achieves a lasting return for its investment in trade show marketing. Our team has great experience in this area, and in this latest post we’re explaining several trade show booth design tricks to captivate visitors to your events.

  1. Consider the Short, Medium and Long-Range

Your trade show design should take into consider the view in the short, medium and long ranges. Will the guest 100 meters away be able to see the display clearly? Will the guest passing by be able to read the display content and be compelled to stop and talk to your team? Take into consideration all views of your design to ensure event appeal.

  1. Build Convenience into the Design

The design should captivate with its aesthetics but also offer functional convenience. This means using technology such as QR codes and free Wi-Fi to entice guests to the area. The QR codes should provide guests with more information on your products and services. While the Wi-Fi might be connected to the company’s Twitter page, allowing guests to leave a comment and highlight the business’s connection to its local audience.

  1. Build a Private Area into Your Booth

One of the most common mistakes trade show exhibit hosts make is thinking only of attracting visitors. Once the visitor arrives at the display, it’s important that they have access to a private area where they can chat with display hosts. Build seating areas into the display and make sure your team is comfortable offering a small sales pitch directly from the display. This can help to enhance lead generation within busy and bustling trade show venues.

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