January 31, 2013

Leaders of up-and-coming organizations understand that they must capitalize on their promotional campaign spending in order to drive core interest within their product. But along the way, less experienced professionals make mistakes that can sometimes have expensive and lasting consequences for their brand’s appeal. With that in mind, this blog will focus on the top two mistakes companies make with their trade show displays.

1)      Poor Pre Event Planning

The leading reason for poor event execution is poor planning. There are a multitude of tools now available to businesses to help them prepare for a key industry event. Companies must utilize social media tools and email blasts optimally in order to ensure results for their campaigns. One of the key elements within this process is to find out what customers are looking for from the event. Sending out a survey with an analytics-based response form will help ensure success during the event

2)      Not Hiring the Right Workforce

No matter how great a company’s pre-event planning is, they must hire the right individuals to take charge during the event. Team members hosting trade show displays must be knowledgeable yet friendly. They must also have experience being part of a results-based sales team. By utilizing the top members of their team for all events, organizations will give their brand the right face in front of its core audience.

Mistakes are always made when beginning a new business. But companies can improve their chances of trade show success by learning from the preceding two mistakes that their predecessors have made and less proactive competitors continue to make. The path to trade show success involves learning from past failures and ensuring customer needs are met in advance of the big day!