You’ve spent thousands of dollars to get the equipment and secure a place at a trade show. You’ve spent hours training your staff on how to act at the event and how to promote the company’s products at the audience. With all these resources already placed within the planning stages of the trade show, it’s imperative to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Within this blog, we’ll look at two mistakes that many exhibitors make when compiling their trade show displays.

1)      Leaving Graphics to the Last Minute

Graphics are the most important element of trade show displays. If graphics are not professional-looking and do not enhance the appeal of the company’s brand it can have a significantly detrimental effect on the event ROI. It’s imperative to plan graphics weeks in advance of the event. By being proactive and securing the best graphics for their company beforehand, business owners can vastly improve the chances of ensuring a successful trade show event.

2)      Ignore Visitor Requirements

Oftentimes when organizations plan their events with precision, it leaves little flexibility for those hosting trade show booths to interact with visitors professionally. Company representatives must always ask visitors directly about their business requirements when they visit the company’s booth. This is the ideal way to build a rapport with event attendees and ensure a strong lead generation strategy that helps the company improve revenue.

You might believe your company has prepared for its next trade show event with precision, but, have you truly thought of everything? Consider the preceding tips during the build-up to the event. You’ll see the results on the post-event balance sheet.