August 1, 2013

It might take years of practice to understand the rules and regulations surrounding the trade show industry. But firms must quickly adopt the best-practices of the top performers in order to match them in the hopes of one-day superseding them. With planning becoming an increasingly important element in the trade show process, this blog will focus on the two biggest mistakes small firms make when planning the use of display stands at trade show events.

1)      Waiting Until the Last Minute to Begin The Process

It takes time to completely optimize all the elements of the trade show display for desired results. Smaller organizations are often exceptionally busy building their brand and ensuring that the company is meeting its growth targets. But companies must make time to plan their trade show attendance effectively. From the style of display stands used to the lead-generation activities of the on-site staff, each element in the process must be fine-tuned in the months leading up to the event. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes time to begin the event.

2)      Not Making the Display Stand Design a Time-Sensitive Priority

The design of trade show displays is the leading factor in how audience members will perceive the organization. This means that firms must give their chosen designers time in creating the best possible visual appeal for the event. Discussions on trade show design must take place months before the event to ensure that the design gives a strong brand impression. It takes time to create that memorable, responsive aesthetic piece of architecture.

Give your organization’s team time to plan its trade show attendance and you’ll give the company every chance of promotional success. Companies that plan effectively will clearly stand out from their event counterparts.