At Best Displays, we’re known for having some of the highest trade show display design standards within the industry.  So in order to provide our cliental with an understanding as to the important elements in designing elegant and highly innovative trade show displays, we’ve asked our top designers for their two most important factors in professional display design work:

1)      Accurate Demographic Targeting

For organizations that attend many trade shows each year, it’s imperative to have a trade show design that is created to appeal to specific audiences in order to gain full value from attending the event.  For example, if your company is going to be attending an industry-insiders event, all promotional material should be geared towards those who already have a full understanding of what type of product or service they require. By following this design rule, organizations can maximize their chances of developing leads within any event environment.

2)      Place All Text and Contact Info High on Design Elements

Some industry events have attendance figures well into the thousands. This is ideal for those looking to develop industry contacts but it can also cause practicality issues when it comes to your company’s trade show displays. With that many people in the area, your display materials may be blocked from view for most attendees so it’s imperative that any display is designed so that all the important information is as high as possible so that it’s visible from all areas of the event location.