June 11, 2013

At an outdoor event this summer, companies may only have two seconds to capture the attention of passing audience members. Within these two seconds, they must make an impression and one of the leading ways of making a quick impression is through the use of enticing imagery. The optimal design of outdoor flags and other architecture is one of the key factors behind successful trade show appearances. Within this blog, we’ll offer two design tips to help companies create customized flag banners that expand their brand recognition.

1) Clear Text Streamlines Communication

When designing flag banners for outside events it’s important to consider the impact of the sun and other factors. With the sun shining on white text and white design areas, it can be incredibly difficult to read. To prevent this issue, companies should consider using darker text on their flag banners and using larger fonts in order to present their thoughts clearly to all audience members.

2) Consider All Possible Viewing Angles

Outdoor events are often held at crowded venues in which attendees will be facing both the front and the back of company booths at various points in the day. This means that organizations should consider printing branding material on both sides of their outdoor flags. These messages should be simple to read and elicit a response from the viewer.

The design of items such as flag banners is a crucial aspect of the success of industry events. Follow the preceding two tips to help your organization meet its summer campaign objectives.