January 6, 2015

Through YouTube videos, professionals are now interacting with one another and helping others outside their industry understand various products and services. Within the tradeshow environment, YouTube’s communication advantages are still not being harnessed fully. And so within this blog, we’ll review three ways to integrate YouTube within tradeshow booths.

ProFusion Tradeshow Coverage


1) Conduct Product Demonstrations for Displaying at Events

Company leaders can now use webcams to film product demonstrations for their events. These demonstrations are of superior value to live product demonstrations because they allow the company to remain in control of the process and to overcome any issues that might occur during a live event.

2) Host a Live Q&A with a Mobile Sales Team

A leading advantage of YouTube is it allows business owners to live stream an event to followers around the world. It also allows multiple team members to connect to the live feed and have a conversation with those in attendance at the event. For small companies, unable to afford a large budget to send entire teams for the event, this type of communications process will help audiences learn more about the organization and its products.

3) Connect Via Webcam at the Event

Companies might also consider hosting a webcam-filmed discussion at the event and having the host speak with audience members. This could include an event competition through which the company can give prizes to attendees for answering questions correctly on camera. This will help boost the company’s image at the event and drive interest from YouTube video viewers.

YouTube has become a powerful sales tool for the modern business. To discover more on how to integrate the site within your tradeshow booths, contact our trusted team directly.