October 21, 2014

A company’s initial branding campaign could be the deciding factor in their long-term success. The step made in this initial process will likely determine how target audiences perceive the company and the effectiveness of the brand in the marketplace. Small business owners must, therefore, optimize their trade show displays to highlight the brand’s finest qualities within their introductory campaign. Here, we’ll focus on the three ways to use trade show displays during this brand launch process.

Use Statistics within the Display Design

Growing companies must be able to prove their expertise to cautious clientele. By effectively using statistics concerning their products or their industry experience, companies can quickly show they have formidable products or services. These tangible statistics quickly engage audience members and at the very least, will likely lead to a discussion with on-site reps.

Use Product Giveaways

Product giveaways are a critical element of any initial trade show campaign. They allow companies to put a branded product both in the customer’s hand and potentially within their home over the long-term. Used effectively, products such as USB keys and calendars can maximize return on investment for forward-thinking companies.

Strong Graphic Design

It’s important that new companies fit-in within the trade show landscape but stand out for their branding excellence. Strong graphic design elements can help remove any doubt about the company’s capabilities. Graphics create a visceral appeal that will engage audience members to learn more about the company and its offerings.

By following the market’s best practices, growing companies can take-on the industry leaders and succeed in their branding objectives. Success begins by following the proven steps to optimal results.