July 16, 2015

With thousands of companies now utilizing pop up displays within their marketing campaigns around the world, the pop up product is becoming an important tool for communicating with event audiences. But because pop up displays are unlike any other marketing display product, it’s important to take into consideration the unique dynamics of pop up display marketing when navigating the design process. In this blog, our team outlines three unique elements of pop up display design.

  1. Small Sizing Means Limited Room for Branding

Companies must carefully consider which elements are most important to their pop up display design. There is only a small amount of creative space in which to work and using that space carefully is imperative. Try to make one call to action the central element within the pop up display, for example “Call now to learn more”. This will ensure the display is crafted for the optimal audience response.

  1. Placement at Critical Display Points Requires Careful Colour Selection

Most often, pop up displays are placed at the point of purchase or otherwise critical locations as part of a marketing campaign. This means the display should be designed in-line with the company’s current branding and to quickly grab the attention of audiences. Using bold colours and action phrases on the display will allow businesses to make the right impression at the right time in the customer’s decision-making process.

  1. Close Attention from Customers Requires High Quality Graphics

Pop up displays are often experienced within close proximity by customers. This means businesses must ensure their display graphics are of exceptionally high quality. Even the smallest misprint can have lasting negative consequences for the company’s marketing campaigns.

By taking into consideration the unique elements of pop up display marketing, companies can ensure their design features the ideal elements for making a lasting first impression. To learn more, contact our design experts directly.