March 11th, 2015

A company’s investment in custom trade show displays shows their commitment to event success. But without a commitment to understanding the customization process, limited returns will be achieved. This means firms should review the techniques that will help instill value when building custom displays. And within this blog, we’ll provide three professional tips to guide the customization process.

Compare Frequency of Use with Your Company Budget

It is importance to balance the cost of custom trade show displays with how often they will be used within company promotions. Oftentimes, companies will lose value if they choose a custom display that will only be used for one particular event. But the size of the event is important. For that large industry trade show in which all the big corporations are in-attendance, a customized display can help transform a brand’s marketing campaigns.

Choose a Design Specialist with Customization Experience

There’s little point investing a large portion of a company’s marketing budget in a display that is unprofessional and unable to attract the level of attention required. Companies should research their display designer carefully and ensure they have experience in crafting custom display solutions for growing companies.

Save Money on Big-Budget Items

Companies can still achieve highly engaging custom trade show displays without over-stretching their budget on costly sound systems and overly large screens. It’s important to choose only the necessary customizations to their display design. Once these items have been selected, the goal should be to find the requisite configuration that ensures companies meet their marketing objectives at the event.

Effective custom display design work takes time. But by following the best practices within the marketplace, business owners can achieve a lasting return for their investment. To learn more on your custom trade show display options, contact our office team directly!