September 25, 2014

The trusted choice of the growing Canadian business, display banner stands are the ideal trade show marketing tool. But to truly capitalize on the advantages of these products (including portability and durability) over the long-term, companies must ensure they select the system for their needs. In this blog, we’ll focus on three tips to help narrow down their choices and find the ideal tool for on-going campaign requirements.

1. Consider Rental Options

By renting their display banner stands, companies can reduce the overall expenditure of the project while trying out the system first-hand at their events. Rental options also enable companies to achieve access to the latest systems in order to maintain professional appeal within the trade show environment. There are a number of Canadian companies offer rental options. Best Displays continues to be a leader within this growing area of the trade show industry.

2. Review the Services of an Industry Expert

Industry experts can offer guidance on the best available retractable banner stands within the field. Specialists can also guide companies on which banner stand products are suited to specific applications. For example, companies might require a specific banner stand for a product launch event to achieve high-level optics that draw in the crowd.

There’s a unique range of elements to consider when selecting retractable display banner stands. To learn more on this process, speak with a specialist at Best Displays directly. One of the company’s experts will help separate the trusted industry products from those with limited functionality.